Malinas park montage #2.

Featuring Steven De Wachter, Laurenz Coninx, Christophe Ost, Gert Goovaerts, Miro Botte, Ralf Goossens, Sebbe de Buck, Joeri van Dessel, Hans de Keyser, Mikkjel Dolferus and Jarne Verbruggen.


Short montage with Jarne Verbruggen at the skatepark.

Music: Lower Dens - Rosie


Malinas park montage from March/April.

Featuring Mikkjel Dolferus, Bram De Cleen, Matteo Terrani, Christophe Ost, Witse, Ben Daeleman, Yassin Filali, Laurenz Coninx and Jarne Verbruggen.

Song: Wild Nothing - Summer Holiday


Just got these pictures by email from 'Bichro', a photographer from Brussels who came to our skatepark recently together with Romain Scaillet.
Here are some pictures !

rock 'n roll

 fs tailslide
Check out his website, this guy makes some realy nice pictures !


Little edit with Tim Maeckelberghe, just testing out my new camera, hope you like it !

Watch in HD version !


Gnarly Jarne, fs smith. Picture taken by Gert Goovaerts.
Check more pictures from Gert on his Flickr account: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gertgoovaerts
Nice work Gert !


Some pictures from Romain Scaillet's blog 'What Else'.
Pictures taken by Borislav Milenkov and Romain Scaillet.

Philippe Scaillet, fs nosebone

bs lien, pure style...


Nicolas Schneider and his friends visit our park every summer, they come from Strasbourg, France.  Here are some pictures he made last summer.
Make sure to visit his blog 'Rhodopsine'.

Thanks Nicolas and see you this summer !!


Short clip from a cold sunday session with Laurenz 'Boob' Coninx and myself at the skatepark. Filmed by Wim Dewaele (FirstTry magazine).
Follow link below to watch the clip.

Laurenz Coninx, Bs bluntslide (photo by Wim).


Jarne Verbruggen knows how to abuse the skatepark well, filmed and edited by Steven De Wachter.